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Library ​Hours

We provide equal access

to information and programming for

the entire community.

It provides opportunities

for intellectual, economic,

and social growth

with a special emphasis

on literacy skills.​​

We are now open Thursdays 10 to 8!

Policies for Waggin Cardholders

April 4th-Backyard Chickens 10am-11am

The Book locker is now available!


Flenniken Calendar

Community Partnerships


Library Announcements



  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Community Garden &​ Food Pantry​​​

Welcome to the

Flenniken Public Library!


Monday:                                   10 - 6

Tuesday:                                  10 - 8

Wednesday:                            10 - 6

Thursday:                                10 - 8

Friday:                                       10 - 5

Saturday:                                 10 - 5

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