Cardholder Policies

Guiding Principles:

1. The patron experience should be the same at all 20 member libraries.
2. Provide an excellent level of customer service.
3. Adherence to the ethics and standards of professional librarianship at all staff levels. Protecting patron confidentiality, privacy and their freedom to read.

Network Resource Sharing Goals:
(Adapted from the ALA/RUSA “Manifesto for Rethinking Resource Sharing, 2007).

1. Restrictions should present the lowest-possible-barriers to the library users.
2. Users should be provided options for delivery format; method of delivery; and, fulfillment type (loans, copies, or digital/electronic).
3. Network access to sharable resources should be encouraged through formal and informal agreements with the goal of lowest-barrier-to-fulfillment.
4. Reference services (whether formal or informal) are a vital component of resource sharing and delivery. No member library staff member should send a patron away “empty-handed”: provide assistance in the form of direction to another resource or referral to another agency.
5. Library registration policies should provide the lowest-possible-barriers. All members are encouraged to revise policies and workflow to meet the information needs of our users.

POLICIES for WAGGIN cardholders:

It does not cost anything to use the WAGGIN Network if you remember 3 simple rules:
1. Return borrowed materials on time.
2. Return borrowed materials in good condition.
3. Keep track of your library card.

• A WAGGIN library card is free to all residents of Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties.
• Persons who attend school, own property, or are employed in Washington, Greene, or Fayette County are also eligible for a free library card.
• Non-resident students attending a Washington, Greene, or Fayette County post-secondary institution may register for a 1-year library card with proper student I.D.
• Non-residents with a library card from another PA Public Library may register for a free WAGGIN library card.
• Library cards expire every three years; however, registration information is updated yearly. Please provide the library with any changes in address, telephone number or email.
• Proper I.D. is required: photo I.D. showing current local address; valid Driver’s License, Voter Registration card; Check with preprinted address; utility bill; tax receipt; student I.D (middle & high school students); lease or rental agreement.
• Please present your library card or I.D. to borrow library materials. It speeds up the transaction and protects your account.
• Individual libraries set policy guidelines with regards to library cards for minors. Contact your local library for questions.
• Library cards are not transferable or meant to be shared and should only be made out to one individual.
• Parents/Caregivers can utilize a child’s library card when the child is present.
• You can; however, authorize pick-up of your materials by a pre-designated representative. (Please call the pick-up library to provide authorization.)
• By accepting a library card for you or a dependent child, you agree to be responsible for the materials as well as all extended use fees and fees for lost or damaged materials.
• All fees must be below $10 to renew a library card.

• Books may be borrowed for 14 days; other loan periods are set by the lending library.
• Most materials may be renewed up to 2 times (at the library, by telephone or online). Beginning in May 2021, eligible items will renew automatically two days before the due date.  Please check your library account to confirm.  See the announcement about Automatic Renewal HERE!
• Items showing existing holds may not be renewed.
• Due to limited collection sizes, DVD borrowing limits are set by the individual member libraries.

Extended Use and other Fees:
• Extended use fees for books are .20 cents per day. Lending libraries may set their own extended use fees for other items.
• Maximum fee per returned book: $5.00.
• Lost or damaged library card: $2.00.
• A patron can pay a fee at any member library.
• Partial payments are accepted. Payments plans can be arranged.
• There is a one-day grace period for all items.
• Individual member libraries set their policies with regards to the replacement of library materials

Confidentiality Law:

We respect your right to privacy. By law, we cannot discuss details of a library account with any individual other than the cardholder. Parents must bring their minor child with them to use or discuss the child’s account. If you need to discuss your account by phone, please have your library card number ready.

The Pennsylvania Confidentiality Law (P.S. §4428): the disclosure of any records related to the circulation of library materials which contain the names or other personally identifying details regarding the user shall be confidential and shall not be made available to anyone except by a court order in a criminal proceeding.

Public Libraries are impartial resources providing information on all points of view, available to all persons regardless of origin, age, background or views. (ALA Policy on Confidentiality)

Approved: May, 2018

So as not to jeopardize the health of all Library users and to maintain cleanliness and safety of its
facilities and collections, the Flenniken Public Library Board of Directors has adopted the following
protocols regarding potential bed bug, cockroach, lice and other infestation situations in its materials
and on its premises.
Prevention Protocol and Procedures
The Flenniken Public Library recognizes all patrons and staff have a role to play in controlling bed bugs,
cockroaches, and other infestations in our community.   All patrons and staff must immediately report
any sightings of live or dead bugs or other infestations to library staff or the library director.
Staff Protocol
Staff will routinely inspect all incoming materials, including those returned at the public desk, in the
book drop and through inter-library loan delivery, for signs that bed bugs, cockroaches, or other
infestations are or have been present. These signs include live or dead bugs, bug eggs, bug nymphs, and
feces and spotting associated with bugs.
Materials returned to the library with detected presence of live or dead bed bugs, cockroaches, or other
infestations will be treated or discarded at the discretion of the library director.
All items identified by Library staff as potentially containing live or dead bugs, cockroaches, or other
infestations in any stage will be promptly quarantined. Items with minor or suspected signs will be
promptly treated as appropriate. After treatment, all materials will be re-inspected.
Patron Protocol
Library patrons must cease to borrow materials from the Library if they are experiencing a bed bug,
cockroach, or other infestation in their residence.
In the event that a patron discovers a live or dead bug, bug eggs, bug nymphs, or feces or spotting
associated with bugs in Library materials, the patron must immediately do the following:
 ​If the materials are inside of the library: bring the materials to a staff member and inform the
staff member of the problem.
 If the materials are outside of the library and in the possession of the patron: place the materials
in a sealable plastic bag. Return the sealed materials directly to a staff member and inform the

staff member of the problem. Patrons must not use book drops to return materials suspected or
with evidence of bed bugs, cockroaches, or other infestations.
 Patrons are prohibited from self-treating Library materials that are suspected to contain bed
bugs, cockroaches, or other infestations.
 Patrons will be held responsible for any damages sustained to library materials during an
attempted self-treatment.
Suspension and Reinstatement
If a patron returns library materials on two separate occasions or has two or more items on one
occasion that show evidence of infestation, the patron and all other members of  his or her household
could face an immediate suspension of the Library .  Said patrons could be denied entrance into any
Flenniken Library location and have their borrower classification changed so that no checkouts of
tangible items are permitted.   Access to digital collections shall be maintained.
Once the patron is able to provide the Library Director with written proof that his or her residence has
been treated, re-inspected, and that the bug infestation has been eradicated, library privileges will be
restored.  The documentation must come from a licensed pest control company or the patron’s
landlord.  It must list the address of the residence treated and provide contact information for additional
follow-up if needed.
Right of Appeal
Patrons may appeal a decision to limit or suspend privileges or the conditions placed on reinstatement
by sending a written appeal to the Library Board within 10 business days of the suspension notice. This
appeal should be sent to the President of the Library Board in care of the Library Director.  The decision
of the Library Board is final.
Public Donations Protocol
Donors must inspect materials for evidence of live or dead bugs, cockroaches, or other infestations prior
to donating them to the library.
The Flenniken Library reserves the right to discard materials with signs of past or present bed bug,
cockroach, or other infestation activity.

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