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Flenniken Public Library

Flenniken Public Library - Privacy


The following explains how Flenniken Public Library handles the personal information that it may collect from
patrons, via our Website.

When patrons visit the library’s Website the library collects and stores information to help it
make the library’s site more useful to patrons. The library collects the following information:

       - The IP address of a patron’s computer /or their Internet provider’s computer
       - The date and time a patron accessed our Website
       - The IP address of the Website that referred a patron to the library’s Website

When visiting the library’s Website, and when using other electronic services, patrons may be
asked/choose to provide their name, email address, phone number, or mailing address.

The library uses patron email addresses to answer online questions or to confirm online
program registrations. The library uses patron mailing addresses to send program
confirmations, or literature advertising future library programs. The library uses patron phone
numbers to be able to contact them.

Email messages patrons send to staff via the library’s Website may be stored or forwarded to
other staff to respond to. Emails sent to library staff are confidential, and shall be disclosed only
when required by law or subpoena. Email messages, however, are not totally secure, so
patrons should not email information that is considered highly sensitive.

If a patron submitting a postal address, email address, phone number via the library’s Website
is suspected of being younger than 13 years old, the library will delete this information from our
technical records in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

At no time will patron information be sold, traded, leased, or borrowed, for non-library purpose,
to outside parties, unless required by law.

Cookies may be used to collect some data from our Website. Cookies are small pieces of
software that are loaded onto a patron’s computer in order to personalize the site when the
patron returns to it. Cookies do not collect sensitive patron information such as

The Library is not responsible for the privacy practices (or lack of privacy practices) of sites it
creates external links to.

In the event that the library’s Website introduces technologies or programs that affect the
privacy interests of patrons, it will update this policy and distribute it widely.


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